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Converting Lotus Approach .apr to Excel or other Database files, Music Spreadsheet Win7

This is a very boring subject…

Yes I know this is a very boring topic, but one worth posting as after 10 years of using Lotus approach to spreadsheet and database my record collection I needed to upgrade and update to something that would actually run on Win7.

Export your .apr file/database/spreadsheets as excel files using the export (as) function in Lotus and then… bascially using either the full or lite packaged version of Microsoft office which hopefully in your case came with your P.C. and bundle of Microsoft office ‘tools’ import the excel file and edit and carry on with your databasing. you will find a few annoyances such as filtered search results as of yet don’t seem to operate in the same way, but hell just having the possibility of saving years of work seems worth doing eh?

I’d searched for all kinds of complicated and costly ways to update and continue on with my database and in the end stumbled on this. Perhaps this may help you?

Hope so…