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Percy Sledge – Listen to him

He may not be the best singer you’ve ever heard, he might not have a 10th of the technical prowess of a Sam Cooke or a Maria Carey, but shit this man’s got soul.

Listen to Percy Sledge

I know it sounds strange and I’m going to keep it brief but if you, like I, passed the artist still known and not formerly whatsoever as Mr. Percy Sledge by, then go back, stare at him for a while and pick him up, give him a little shake to awaken him and listen… for this is one super soul brother.

The songs he sings would sit as well (and some did) in a Country star’s repetoire, songs like ‘It’s all wrong, but it’s all right’ will have you weeping into your ear buds and smiling to yourself in strange inward self huggings of a musical nature – while though you still are still unfortunately and visibly ‘a bit odd’ to the commuters that surround you’re ‘Sledging’ episodes.

Wow is this listners ear reaction, Wow is this now confirmed ‘Sledgster’s reaction, it’s . . . . beautiful, sublime, heartfelt and REAL, No cock posturing Timberlakian vocal acrobatics that mean sweet fuck all and purport to be ‘Soul Music’ or ‘R&B’ or whatever that chicken guts mess of mistaken identity is really all about, or really means to anyone with a true soul from this here one. Instead be prepared to hear the soulful yearnings of reality…

Check him out now!


Go Percy!