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Studio One Lp Cover Art Book from Soul Jazz

Collected for your viewing pleasure

Just out from Soul Jazz, most recent purveyors of all that is Studio One related in the UK (music and otherwise) comes this coffee table booky wook, collecting some of the covers from Studio One’s catalogue for your viewing pleasure, though if you collect the Lps, you’ll have a significant amount of the artwork already.

No surprise there then?

It’s nice to have and there are a few you may not have seen before, such as the Tabernacle Gospel Lp covers or the Sri Chimnoy Lp (now legendary as a rarity) but there isn’t a lot here to stun an enthusiast for the label. Frankly that’s been the case with most of Soul Jazz’s output of Studio One material musically and so it is visually, also.


They (SJ) I think have missed a complete trick, in that on occasion they mention the sleeve notes and quote from them, they could have included many more, for the quirky nature of them are well-known and often amusing or enlightening. Including the cover of the Lp Pirates Choice (which has never it seems been reproduced as anything but a muddy turdish greeny brown of a poorly registered example of what NOT to do if you are a Litho printer) seems odd too. There are more Lps they could have chosen from, with more to offer the viewer, casual or otherwise.

I hoped for more

There is no logic or rhyme to the choices made and to the inclusion of some of the more recent Lp covers, which have little or no individually distinctive style whatsoever.

The forward by Steve Barrow is little more than yet another introductory level run through of Jamaican music history, though generally accurate for all that and still an engaging read for the newly converted. Though it should be mentioned that no Mento was ever to my knowledge released by Tewari on Down-Beat, only on sister label Caribou.


Dancehall 2 from Soul Jazz

Latest from Soul Jazz Records

This ain’t no Dibby Dibby Sound… Just out from Soul Jazz, Vol 2 of their Dancehall series, the first one which accompanied Beth Lesser’s excellent (mainly picture) book ‘Dancehall’. I got the book about a year ago and a good read it was, with some great photography, which is more Beth’s forte.

This latest 4 Lp set (confusingly Vol 2 is split into Vol1 and Vol2, yeah you work it out…) is compiled and annotated by Steve Barrow. I was actually sat ’round his gaff while he was working on it and he played me a tune that features on this set and is worth getting all 4 Lps for. ‘History of Jamaica’ by Early B, Steve and I danced around his living room to this… and you will too I’m sure. So this one comes with a recommendation, if you like your Dancehall era music then it’s a must. A lot of the tunes are well enough known and readily available, and a tune like ‘Barnabas Collins’, in my opinion is well known enough to have left off the Lps, it’s not what what I think of as Dancehall either really, coming at the start of that era, it still has a more Deejay on a Roots tune fell about it, but… there are plenty tunes on here that you’ll love and maybe won’t have heard before and for that it gets my thumb pointing upwards.

I picked up my copy from Dub Vendor, but you can pick it up direct from Soul Jazz (It’s cheaper direct for starters) – http://www.souljazzrecords.co.uk/releases/?id=18059 Just so you’ve got Dub Vendor’s link too though – http://www.dubvendor.co.uk/


1. Lone Ranger — Barnabas Collins Play
2. Nicodemus — Dog Is Better Than Gun Play
3. Johnny Osbourne and Papa Tullo — Rock And Come On Ya Play
4. Ini Kamoze — Trouble You A Trouble Me Play
5. Half Pint — One Big Ghetto Play
6. Yellowman — Sensemilla Play
7. Shabba Ranks — Respect Play
8. Trinity — Vampire Play
9. Barry Brown — Two House Department Play
10. Madoo — Have You Ever Been To Heaven Play
11. Early B — History Of Jamaica Play
12. Papa San — Money A Fe Circle Play
13. Tiger — When Play
14. Welton Irie — Bill Fold Wa You Fa Play
15. General Trees — Everything So So So So Play
16. Johnny Osbourne — Trench Town School Play
17. Edi Fitzroy — The Gun Play
18. Anthony Johnson — Strictly Rub A Dub Play
19. Jah Thomas & Radics — Saying Dub Play
20. Professor Nuts — Ina De Bus Play
21. Errol Scorcher — Roach In De Corner Play
22. Triston Palma — Collie Man Play
23. Barry Brown — Tourist Season Play
24. Buju Banton — Massa God World A Run Play