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Wayne Smith – Mr. Sleng Teng Dies aged 48

Very very sad, way too young, but the best way to illustrate quite what an impact he had on Jamaican music is best served by listening to multiple versions on the riddim his original spawned. Run Tape…
February 18, 2014 01:49 PM PST

Wayne Smith has died aged only 48. He and King Jammy bust Reggae wide open yet again when it went digital with the epoch defining track Under Mi Sleng Teng. Presented here is a show from many many years ago, non stop lay of some of my own favourite cuts of this truly MASSIVE riddim. Listen and weep.
Some riddims never die and this is one, his epitaph.

I’ll be taking this down after a month or so, so now is your opportunity…

Sleng Teng Extravaganjah!

A near 50 minute continuous Mix on the Sleng Teng Rhythm. The Rhythm that defines Digital Reggae to this day.
Look out for the following cuts, they’re my personal favourites… Shinhead’s – ‘Know How Fi Chat’, John Wayne’s – ‘Call The Police’ and Johnny Osbourne’s – ‘Buddy Bye Bye’.
King Jammy reigns supreme. I would have liked to include some Studio One cuts to the rhythm, but unfortunately their BPM/Tempo didn’t range in with Jammy’s original cut too well… I’ll try to get them out on a later podcast… they would have been..Jim Brown’s – ‘Nowadays Version’ and Pupa Freddie’s – ‘Zoo Party’. Ah well all good things come to those who podcast. winking

Tracklisting (Continuous Mix Running Order)

1. Tony Asher – Our Teng Version
2. Sugar Minott – Jam In The Street
3. Shinehead – Know How Fi Chat
4. Wayne Smith – Sleng Teng
5. Woodie Noble – Ram Jam Session
6. Eccleton Jarrett – Dancehall Music
7. Nicodemus – Eagles Feather
8. John Wayne – Call The Police
9. Echo Minott – Hand Pon The Key
10.Luciano and Cocoa Tea – Mr. Govenor
11.Echo Minott – Under Mi Fat Thing
12.Singie Singie – Tell Them What You Know
13.Super Morris – Under Mi Peter Green
14.Anthony Red Rose – Under Mi Fat Thing
15.Tonto Irie – Every Posse Come In
16.Wayne Smith and Bounty Killer – Sleng Teng Ressurection
17.Sizla – Someone Loves You
18.Dicky Ranking – Rap Man
19.Johnny Osbourne – Buddy Bye Bye
20.Tenor Saw – Pumpkin Belly
21.Luciano – Dancehall Style

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Prince Jammy Strictly Dub – Pressure Sounds

News in on next Pressure Sounds release.

Just received details of this release in my e-mail inbox for those of you that take an interest, this is the next Lp release from Pressure Sounds. I’ll post a review later, once I’ve had a chance to listen to it!

Album Title: Strictly Dub

Artist: Prince Jammy

Release Date: 12th April 2010

Label: Pressure Sounds

Barcode PSCD 67: 689492098322
Barcode PSLP 67: 689492098315

Format: Single CD/Single Vinyl Album

Catalogue Number: PSCD67
Catalogue Number: PSLP67

Prince Jammy Presents Strictly Dub

Born 1947 in Kingston, Jamaica Lloyd ‘King Jammy’ James is rightly revered for his dance hall domination during the second half of the eighties as record producer and sound system controller. But prior to his coronation Prince Jammy, as King Tubby’s right hand man, was famed for his crucial dub mixes at Tubby’s studio and for his infrequent forays into record production. This essential Pressure Sounds release originated as an obscure dub album that briefly surfaced in New York in the early eighties on the ‘Jammys Records’ label. It has since come to be rightly regarded by students and scholars of the dub school not only as a minor masterpiece of Jammy’s mixing style but also as an early demonstration of his masterful production techniques.

Produced, arranged, mixed and remixed by Prince Jammy, with the cream of Kingston’s session players, the set proved to be an early indication of the beginning of a new musical era created, paradoxically, by referring back to the classic rhythms of the sixties and seventies. The album is powered by the legendary drum and bass combination of Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare with the trumpet of Bobby Ellis and the alto saxophone of ‘Deadly’ Hedley Bennett coming to the fore on tracks such as ‘Old Country Dub’ and ‘271 Utica Dub’. Featuring updates of many classic rock steady and reggae rhythms including ‘Baba Boom’ and ‘Ali Baba’ from Treasure Isle, ‘Always Together’ from Studio One and the Baba Brooks ska classic ‘Shank I Sheck’ for King Edwards interspersed with a selection of original rhythms including one of Jammy’s early roots masterpieces: the apocalyptic ‘Jah Fire Will Be Burning’ from Hugh Mundell. The bonus CD only tracks, spare, lean recuts of two more Studio One classics: Jackie Mittoo’s ‘Hot Milk’ and Lester Sterling’s interpretation of Bert Kaempfert’s ‘Afrikaan Beat’, both date from a slightly later period.

Although the track titles, such as ‘Brooklyn Dub’ and ‘Bronx Fashion Dub’, reflect the fact that that the album was first released in New York the original cover artwork (showcased again on this Pressure Sounds release) shows Prince Jammy at the controls of the mixing desk in King Tubby’s Dromilly Avenue studio in the heart of Kingston’s Waterhouse ghetto… the spiritual home of dub music.


Bass: Robert ‘Robbie’ Shakespeare
Drums: Lowell ‘Sly’ Dunbar
Guitar: Winston ‘Bo Peep’ Bowen & Radcliffe ‘Duggie’ Bryan
Organ: Ansel ‘Pinkie’ Collins & Winston ‘Brubeck’ Wright
Piano: Gladstone ‘Gladdy’ Anderson
Alto Saxophone: ‘Deadly’ Hedley Bennett
Trumpet: Bobby Ellis
Percussion: Uziah ‘Sticky’ Thompson & Noel ‘Scully’ Simms
Produced & Arranged by: Prince Jammy Remixed at: King Tubby’s Recording Studio, 18 Dromilly Avenue, Kingston 11, Jamaica
Engineer: Prince Jammy

Track Listing:

Chapter 1

1. Immigrant Dub
2. Basement Dub
3. Brooklyn Dub
4. B.Q.E. Dub
5. Interboro Dub

Chapter 2

1. Old Country Dub
2. 42nd Street Dub
3. 271 Utica Dub
4. Bronx Fashion Dub
5. Strictly Dub

Bonus CD only tracks

1. Mother Dub
2. Dis Dub Rule

Stop press…

To coincide with this re-release we will be issuing a superb Jammy’s seven inch single on heavyweight vinyl on the Jammy’s label in a specially designed card sleeve:

Catalogue number: PSS032 Release Date: Early April 2010

Title: Time Is A Moment In Space

Artist: Wayne Smith

Label: Pressure Sounds

Format: 45rpm 7inch heavyweight vinyl
with cardboard custom printed sleeve

Price: Standard heavyweight vinyl price

There was a time when Jammy was just a Prince and his coronation as King Jammy in the early eighties was largely due to records like this! Jammy and Wayne Smith would go on to change reggae music forever with ‘Under Me Sleng Teng’ but, when they voiced this melancholy masterpiece, there was very little hint of the forthcoming digital revolution…

Showcasing the more mellow side of Jammy’s production techniques with its haunting keyboard counter melody and the chilled out dub side entitled ‘Life Is A Moment In Space’ it was a moderate seller first time around but demand for the tune has grown ever since. Re-mastered on heavyweight vinyl and packaged in a cardboard custom printed sleeve it’s another essential Pressure Sounds seven inch release.

Seven inch superbness…

And in our ongoing heavyweight seven inch vinyl release programme we are proud to present two new releases on 21st March 2010:

Catalogue number: PSS 030 Release date: 21st March 2010

Title: Brimstone And Fire c/w Cool Fire Version

Artist: Attaras

Label: Pressure Sounds

Format: 45rpm 7inch heavyweight vinyl
with cardboard custom printed sleeve

Price: Standard heavyweight vinyl price

Produced by Joe Higgs and featuring Attaras, with members of the Wailing Souls and Joe Higgs (who need no introduction) in harmony, you have to know that this will be a top class vocal release. It is also very, very rare. The 45, on Joe’s own ‘Elevation’ label, comes in a picture sleeve and is backed by a restrained old style instrumental version. Licensed exclusively to Pressure Sounds from the Estate of Joe Higgs we are delighted to be able to add another gem from the catalogue of ‘The Master’ to the label.

Catalogue number: PSS031 Release Date: 21st March 2010

Title: Rock A Bye Woman c/w Rock A Bye Version

Artist: Freddie McKay

Label: Pressure Sounds

Format: 45rpm 7inch heavyweight vinyl
with cardboard custom printed sleeve

Price: Standard heavyweight vinyl price

One of the best exponents of the more soulful side of Jamaican roots music Freddie McKay recorded for Studio One and Treasure Isle before working with various producers in the seventies. ‘Rock A Bye Woman’ is a rare self production with an uptempo feel and punchy horns. Seriously in demand on the revival circuit for a number of years the passionate vocal side is backed here with a riveting ‘high pass filter’ style version. Top quality music from one of reggae’s great unsung heroes.