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Old Jamaican Record Labels and Artwork

http://jamaicanlabelart.com/ J.L.A. is a website for those people who are obsessed with Caribbean music and the artwork and design of the labels on the vinyl reproductions of that music. It doesn’t matter if those labels are on recordings of Jamaican music released in the U.S.A., or indeed Trini Calypso released in the U.K. It’s all the same to us!
We don’t intend the site to be an exhaustive discography of single releases, there are plenty of those to be bought from the bookseller or found for free on the Net. Instead we both thought it was about time for an online version of a coffee table book; glossy and thin on information but thick on indulgence.
In short pure eye candy, nothing more. There are enough weighty tomes available to the serious collector, so go make yourself a long cool cocktail and treat yourself to some pure pleasure.