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Jackie Opel ~ Cry Me A River

I’m unsure if the sleeve notes were written earlier and are from a vinyl Lp release, but nevertheless they make for typical Studio One sleeve note reading.

Make no mistake about it, Jackie Opel’s voice and singing style admit of no time restrictions. These attributes of Jackie’s combine dashes of the past and the present with a good helping of futurity tossed in for good measure.

Don’t be surprised in ten years hence you find this marathon singer as refreshingly stimulating as he has always been.

This album ‘Cry Me A River’ portrays in sharp relief, Jackie’s varied capabilities as a singer. His interpretative phrasing and lyric reading plus his inimitable diction are cognent indices of Jackie Opel’s genius.

Don’t allow yourself to be embarrassed by not having one of Jackie’s first album when your friends visit you and request the playing of this entire album. It does not look good to cry, cry, cry them a river by way of an apology. Play it safe and make this multi-dimensional singer’s album a must for you.

You will forever laud yourself for having made such a wise, worthy investment. Have a good time with Jackie.