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Episode 132 Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio – These are a few of my favourite things. Part 6


132 Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio – These are a few MORE of my favourite things Pt6

Oh my goodness, pure pleasure, pure listening, pure playlist, pure and simple, the last in the 6 part series of favourite tunes… listen and be wonderized!!

Tracks are quite possibly inclusive of…

1.Skatalittes – Ball Of Fire
2.Skatalites – Royal Charley
3.Sound Dimensions – Real Rock
4.Tenor Saw – Golden Hen
5.Gregory Isaacs – Rasta Business
6.I-Roy / Ebony Sisters – Let Me Tell You Boy Version
7.Senya – Children of the Ghetto
8.Bruce Ruffin – Dry Up Your Tears
9.Lennie Hibbert – Rose Lane
10.Ras Ibuna – Diverse Doctrine
11.Prince Huntley – Grannie Iley
12.Pioneers – Easy Come Easy Go
13.Willie Cobb – You Don’t Love Me
14.Lloyd Robinson – The Worm
15.Sylford Walker – Lamb’s Bread
16.The Wailers – Diamond Baby
17.Prince Heron – Me Little But Me Tallawah
18.The Ethiopian – When Will Be The End
19.Linval Thompson – Train To Zion
20.The Viceroys – Tek Your Hands From Mi Neck
21. Viceroys – Work It
22.Dennis Walks – Heart Don’t Leap
23.Wailing Souls – Back Out
24.Delroy Wilson – Love Got Me Doing Things
25. Burning Spear – Chant Down Babylon

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SWEET SOUL MUSIC – Peter Guralnick

Within the first hundred pages, you’ll know stuff you won’t have heard elsewhere…

I’m not going to witter on, this will  be a pithy review, terse, to the point, direct, an easy read; much like this wonderful book that has been around since the 1980s and tells the story of Southern Soul Music.

Beggining with the R&B roots of ‘Soul’ (though, really it don’t take a genius, to work out they is the same damn thang), he takes us through a fairly linear exploration of the major figures, Sam Cooke’s gospel beginnings and secular sexuality, the usurping of Black music and it’s repackage as Rock ‘n Roll, Ray Charles and the genius that he was… and the story of Solomon Burke; telling an amazing tale of how he once played to a giant crowd of Klu Klux Klan members by ‘accident’, which will have you heaving, in laughter and relief as the Sheriff escorts him to the county line!

He leads you through the story of Stax, the Muscle Shoals phenomenon, the growth of the South as exporter of Soul music in general, James Brown’s career, the incredible rise of Otis Redding, Jerry Wexler and Atlantic’s dominance of the R&B market, the crossover of Soul to the ‘White’ audience, and with all tell tale of those names never heard of before who were pivotal in the development of Black music in the United States in the 50s, and 60s.

If you knew (like me) bugger all about ‘Soul’ music before reading it, you might consider yourself more than a little illuminated by the time you get to the end of the tale.

Read it and love it.