COPYRIGHT ~ advisory


I put a good deal of effort into creating fresh material that isn’t just copied and pasted from other sources on the internet for my blog. It follows therefore that I don’t want you taking it and reproducing it anywhere you like with absolutely no reference to me, or my work. So please don’t do it, it is an infringement of my Copyright and of my Intellectual property rights. I will if I feel it neccesary defend my rights and my efforts to provide my readership with something fresh and new.

Too often I have seen my work used for a quick copy and paste to a website or a blog or even sites that use my work in part to sell their product. This is at the least lazy and at it’s worst a kind of robbery.

Think of this as a magazine with articles written by it’s writers. You wouldn’t steal their writing without permission, so don’t steal mine.

If you are interested in reproducing any material that you find here the first thing you should do is to get in touch with me via this blog, I won’t bite, in fact I’m interested in collaboration and in being credited.

All material copyright ~ Mike Murphy 2019

8 thoughts on “COPYRIGHT ~ advisory”

  1. Hi there,

    I need to see where the image of Gregory Isaacs is from and who the copyright would be, a national newspaper is interested in using it as soon as possible in a feature. Please can you get in touch on asap to discuss this. Thank you very much, Ruth

  2. Hello, thank you for writing this fascinating blog.

    I am trying to find out who owns the copyright to the Count Lasher song “Breadfruit Season” and was hoping you could help point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Seymour would you do me the favour of reminding me what label that’s on, was it MRS?
      Basically the porducer of the record typically will own the mechanical copyright on the tune, if you are lifiting the recording you may owe them, but frankly, no one seems to care when the tunes are this old, if it was wirtten before 1962 you won’t owe a thing on that, becuase it’s out of copyright. That’s my understanding, but don’t quote me. If you need clarification, phone and talk to the MCCPS in the UK, and they will help you on themechanical side and then ask them to point you in the riht direction about the publisning rights.. Respect. Mike

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