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Blind Owl Blues – The Mysterious Life and Death of Alan Wilson by Rebecca Davis – A review


Blind Owl Blues ~ a review

Just finished reading this. If you’ve ever wondered who that quiet guy in Canned Heat was, the one standing at the back looking sheepish, playing a blinding bit of bottleneck, or singing that high falsetto vocal on ‘On The Road Again’, then read this book.

An illuminating entre into the late 60s psychedelic band scene on the West Coast and for those uninitiated into Blues music past and present.

The book suffers from the ‘relatively’ recent rash of online self publishing; it desperately needs an editor’s hand and a true story-teller at the helm, but we get the information we came for and it’s that which counts. Wilson, underrated and overlooked has his story told and we are assured throughout that the facts as they are presented are well researched and balanced.

You’ll be introduced to some of the characters in the story, Bob Hite the frontman and singer, Henry Vestine the talented but drug addled lead guitarist and Larry Taylor the driving and truly talented bass player.

Wilson and his compatriots were there right at the birth of the Blues revival and he and some of his friends rediscovered a number of the artists who would go on to lead that revival, at the same time as giving honour to the past, they blew the cobwebs off of their oldĀ  78s, re-worked the old tunes and re-dedicated their blues to the power of amplification.

Wilson wrote both of their biggest hits, ‘On the road again’ and ‘Going up the country’, they played the Monterey and Woodstock festivals and their output soundtracks the 60s as well as anything by anyone else. Many Blues revivalists consider Wilson to be THE under-rated figure of that age and the book tries to re-balance history, place him centrally as an important figure and to chart his compulsive obsessive love of Blues music as it transformed into and equally obsessive love of nature, particularly Sequoia trees. Intrigued?

Converting Lotus Approach .apr to Excel or other Database files, Music Spreadsheet Win7

This is a very boring subject…

Yes I know this is a very boring topic, but one worth posting as after 10 years of using Lotus approach to spreadsheet and database my record collection I needed to upgrade and update to something that would actually run on Win7.

Export your .apr file/database/spreadsheets as excel files using the export (as) function in Lotus and then… bascially using either the full or lite packaged version of Microsoft office which hopefully in your case came with your P.C. and bundle of Microsoft office ‘tools’ import the excel file and edit and carry on with your databasing. you will find a few annoyances such as filtered search results as of yet don’t seem to operate in the same way, but hell just having the possibility of saving years of work seems worth doing eh?

I’d searched for all kinds of complicated and costly ways to update and continue on with my database and in the end stumbled on this. Perhaps this may help you?

Hope so…

Liam O’Flynn, Dark and Slender Boy

My true opinion, culturally snobbish, judgemental, exclusive as it is, is that if you don’t respond to this music emotionally, then you must be dead; and actually, this is so heartfelt and true and expressive of the human condition, that even the DEAD would awake to listen to it.

I actually went looking for a copy of Rakish Paddy, by Finbar Furey, which I know from a Nonsuch Lp from the 70s or late 60s, but found this instead. Well it’ll do… it’ll do.