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Ever wondered what musically inspired happenings are pumping out the bass near you? No! Well don’t read anything in this section then.

Power Surge Sound System Hastings at the Pig’s Palace 29th Feb

Power Surge Sound System, Leap year Dance

Come get your dose of Roots Rock Reggae, Modern roots, Rocksteady, Dub and Deejay at the Pig’s Palace (used to be the Pig in Paradise) Hastings, on the 29th February.

It’s the talk of the Town, and up and down the coast, Power Surge Sound System, based in Crowborough East Sussex are playing from 9pm to 2am on Saturday the 29th February on Leap Year night, so be careful if you bring your partner, she just might propose to you on the Dancefloor.

Selecting tunes will be Bigmikeydread, Matt Sensi Sound and Rob Wilde and the night is shaping up for ’nuff vibes and a top night of Jamaican music and over 4.8Kilowatts of bass end.

And, best of all there’s no Tax on the gate, entry is entirely free. Come one come all..

DRHC4365 (1)

Power Surge Sound System Crawley 22nd of June 2019. You affi Reach!

Power Surge Sound System, Crawley on June 22nd Roots Reggae for the masses.


Pure niceness in the dance as I yours truly select and entertain alongside Ray Jacobs Sound proprietor and builder..  We’ll play a selection of tunes to please, dub it up live and direct, and spin some heavy dubwise to keep your dancing’ feet jumpin’.

So come reach June 22nd this year of 2019, to hear the sound go down around Crawley Town!

Reggae Fever – The Carlisle Hastings – 17th March

17th March 2019 and yours truly will be appearing by invitation as Bigmikeydread the worst Reggae selector known to man.

Reggae Fever at the Carlisle Hastings.

Saving his blushes and hopefully his musical skin will be Suedehead Sound System’s owner, supremo and selector Rob Wilde of Headshrinkers fame. Both will be spinning classic Roots, Rocksteady, and multifariously genre’d Reggae between 2-6pm in Hastings at the Carlisle located on the town’s seafront here on the Sussex Coast on Sunday 17th March.

And as Nick Saloman once said . . ‘Be there or be somewhere else listening to other people’s music‘.


© Murphy 2019


U-Roy UK tour 2013 Don’t bother, you’ll come home disappointed. A Review.

Brighton 27th March 2013 U-Roy

Simple as this, Headlining on the promotional material, U-Roy was on the Mic in  2 and a half hour period for about 8 minutes.

Banditry. The promoter will be getting a letter from the trading standards authority telling them why a customer was desperately unhappy at the way in which he and many others were treated. General Trees and Little Twitch, who were not hardly highlighted on the poster for the gig, took the Mic and rocked the house for an extended period and did so with nuff style, some great tunes, well-selected and some fine toasting and boosting of a now non existent Stur Gav ‘Sound’, in my opinion a wallet of cds and a few self promoting specials by the likes of Blender and Coco Tea do not constitute a Jamaican Sound System, but I was prepared to let this one drop… not however the shit way the punters were treated by both promoter and U-Roy.

Daddy Roy, or Robber Roy as I think I’ll be referring to him from now could have taken the Mic at any point he so wished, and yet he preferred to stand with the selector, staring at an iPad for much of the gig, occasionally looking on with a wry smile. Probably thinking of the money he was raking in for doing…. urr… exactly zilch! Perhaps he was on eBay trying to buy up some of his rare back catalogue on auction.

Bandit Bizness by Promoter and Daddy Roy
Bandit Bizness by Promoter and Daddy Roy

Truly shameful performance by someone I once had a great deal of respect for. This was an example of something I’ve seen before and yet another occasion where ‘white bwoy a follower’ stand and listen to supposedly roots and culture artistes tell them about all about one love, unity, peace and love and equality while having their wallets washed out by people who don’t live what they preach and teach.

Shame on you.


TIGHTEN UP presents:
Doors: 8pm – 1am
Gate Pressure: FREE!

Music Policy: Old-School Dancehall & Digital Reggae Sounds inna 80’s styleeee!


The Tighten Up Crew present a brand-new, second-hand ting called: TRASH & READY showcasing THE RUFFEST, TUFFEST OLD-SCHOOL DANCEHALL & DIGITAL REGGAE SOUNDS with resident selectas: MISTAH BROWN & TIM P plus UK Sound System legend CHAMPIAN MC (Jamdown Rockers) pon di mic…

This month we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the riddim that changed Jamaica’s musical landscape forever, creating a legacy that continues to mash down sound barriers to this day! When Wayne Smith & King Jammy dropped the awesome “Under Mi Sleng Teng” back in ’85, it divided opinion more than any previous evolutionary development in Jamaican popular music. You either loved it or hated it… or were just plain confused by it! 25 years later, this Dancehall anthem is recognised all over the world as a true classic and the riddim, (One of the most versioned EVER!), is rightly hailed as a true musical landmark regardless of genre. Sleng Teng’s influence has spread like wild-fire to pretty much every other contemporary musical style; from Jungle to House, from Hip-Hop to mainstream ‘Pop’ and beyond. If that ain’t a good enough excuse for a party – we don’t know what is!!!

Joining us for this extra-special Jamdown Knees-up will be two of our top spars and favourite selectas – ‘DANGEROUS’ DAVE HENDLEY & STORMIN’ STU TOLHURST – collectively known as DUB ORGANISER – the Kent Coast’s ruling Sound! These guys have choons for days and extra days so run come check it!

Expect anything and everything inna 80’s style & fashion – from Yellowman & Sister Nancy through to Supercat & Cutty Ranks and beyond… Oh, and more cuts of Sleng Teng than you can shake a Rod of Correction at!


See you there…

The Tighten Up Crew