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Any podcasting I do under either the Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio, Hits from the Vinyl Junkyard or Musical-Traces ‘brands’. Plus the occassional show by someone I like the sound of.

Russ Disciple meets Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio

Russ Disciple meets Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio in spiffing Bexhill On Sea.

russdRecently Mr. Russell Bell-Brown and I met up for a bit of a chat about his musical production and his favourite Jamaican tunes. The tunes that signposted him along a long history of listening and collecting Jamaican music, those that mean the most to him and that he loves.

Russ grew up in the outskirts of London England and in the 1980s began to produce UK Roots Reggae, his first bigger break coming when early on in his career his music was frequently commissioned by and played on the Jah Shaka Sound System. A short while later and he and his bother Lol had started BSL (Boom Shacka Lacka) the Disciples own Sound System and both were ruining their backs lifting large bass scoops in and out of vehicles. Such is his dedication to the music.

Russ’s knowledge is deep and the musical selection for this show is chock full of high quality musical nutrition; the show is a must listen for lovers of U.K. Sound system and Jamaican musical culture alike.

It’s a relaxed affair and a damn fine listen. I urge you to check it out. Just search up Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio on Google and look for the 2019 December show.

55The track listing is as follows:

Tommy McCook and the Supersonics – More Love – Treasure Isle 7” Single
Richard Ace – Hang ‘Em High – Trojan 7” Single
Pat Kelly – Workman Song – Gas 7” Single
The Love Generation – Warwick Hill – Grape 7” Single
Burning Spear – This Population – Bongo Man 7” Single
Freddie McGregor – Go Away Pretty Girl – Money 7” Single
Freddie McGregor – Homeward Bound – Studio One 7” Single
Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Jungle Lion – Upsetter 7” Single
Ital Winston – Ride On – Vital Food 7” Single
Gregory Isaacs – Thief A Man – Advance 7” Single
Cornell Campbell – Give The Little Man A Great Big Hand – Justice 7” Single
Leroy Smart – The Road Is Rough – Sweet City 7” Single
Bush Ranger – Ranger In The Workshop – Count Shelly 7” Single
Fred Locks – The Last Days – Jahmikmusic 7” Single
Don Hutchinson – What You Gonna Do – IMF 7” Single
Pablo & Tubby’s – King Tubby’s Meets The Rockers Uptown – Yard Music 7” Single
Hugh Mundell – Africa Must Be Free By 1983 – Rockers International 7” Single
Yabby Youth And The Sons Of Jah – Jah Speak With Lightening And Thunder – TR Groovemaster 7” Single
Wayne Wade – Black Is Our Colour – Mango 7” Single
Frankey – Slavery Days – Maroc 7” Single
Delroy Wilson – Big Man In Town + Version – Third World 7” Single
Junior Ross & The Spears – Babylon Fall – Caribbean 7” Single
Ras Midas – Good Old Days – Jaywax 7” Single
Welton Irie – Blackman Get Up Pon Tan Foot – South East music 7” Single
Trinity – Vampire – Flagman 7” Single
Hugh Brown – The Big Licking Stick – Jackpot 7” Single
I-Roy – Proud Black – Blank 7” Single
Mikey Dread – & The Instigators – Robbers Roost – 40 Leg 7” Single
Makka Bees – Nation Fiddler – Congo 7” Single
Unity Stars – Africa – Nice 1 7” Single

Half Of Six RLC – Mike & Sue and introduction – Track Listing

IMG_4810Here are the songs/tunes, recordings and their sources, recently played on this, our podcast.

1 Fuzztones – Bad News Travels Fast – 12″ Single
2 Anne Briggs – Fine Horseman – Lp The Time Has Come, on Earth Records
3 New Model Army – Green and Grey – Lp – Raw Melody
4 Finbar Furey – Rakish Paddy – Nonsuch Lp – The Pipes of..
5 The Bevis Frond – This Corner Of England – Cd Lp Any Gas Faster, on Reckless Records
6 Sylford Walker – Jah Golden Pen – Joe Gibbs 10″ Roots Archive Series
7 Heaven 17 – Let’s All Make A Bomb – from Lp Penthouse and Pavement
8 Bill Doggett – Ram Bunk Shush – Parlophone 78rpm single
9 The Clash – Brand New Cadillac – Lp – London Calling
10 Bill Haley & His Comets – Mambo Rock – Brunswick 78rpm single
11 B52s – Planet Claire – The B52s Island Lp
12 Count Lasher – Calabash – Caribou 78rpm single
13 John Grant & Midlake – Mars – Youtube video
14 The Pretty Things – SF Sorrow – SF Sorrow Lp re-issue on Madfish Records
15 Hoodoo Gurus – I Want You Back – Uknown
16 Elvis Presley – Mystery Train – HMV 2nd pressing 7″ Single
17 Johnny Flynn & Laura Marling – The Water – You Tube live performance recording
18 Hal Paige and the Whalers – Going Back To My Town – 78rpm Acetate
19 The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys – Boys Don’t Cry – Lp on Fiction records
20 Ian and Sylvie – Catfish Blues – Vanguard – Best Of – Lp
21 Daniel Romano – Rhythmic Blood – Finally Free Lp on East West Records (Nashville)
22 The Caridiacs – Is This The Life – A Little Man and a Horse and the Whole World Window

The Half Of Six Record Listeners Club Episode 1 – Mike & Sue

300x300_13321711It’s the new podcast on the block and for all lovers hold tight, for ’nuff music of various genres in this new online ‘Radio’ show.

Here’s what it’s all about…

The Half of Six Record Listeners Club is a social occasion, an evening where Mike & Sue, your hosts, invite a special guest to chat about the music they love. Mike & Sue also have the occasional disagreement about which records are good ones and which are not so good.

So, all too often you turn on the radio, or listen to a show, it’s genre specific, you don’t get surprises and you leave un-edified, and without new artistes to listen to, or any real surprises. Not at this podcast, two music lovers, partners in crime and life discuss their favourite music, normally with a guest who brings her or his records to their cozy hideaway on the Isle of Skye (sort of). We’re big music fans, so expect some great tunes and we’re also both highly opinionated about the music we love, so don’t expect agreement, You’ll be party to the occasional domestic moment, in amongst the mix.

The first episode is up and ready for you to subscribe to this podcast, much much more to come… Episode 1 – Introducing – Mike & Sue


Mike & Sue

IMG_4810The first podcast of this music review show, in which Mike & Sue introduce themselves and play you some of the music that means a lot to them. In the future we’ll have a guest on most of our shows sharing their musical loves (and hates quite possibly), but we thought you’d like to get to know us first, and what the show is all about, or rather, will be about. Please come join us for a cozy look through our record collections as we take a wee dram by the glowing turfs on our imaginary homes’ hearth, in the wilds of the Isle of Skye. On this edition you’ll hear music by a wide variety of artistes, including The Bevis Frond, The Clash, Anne Briggs, Hal Paige, The Cure, Bill Doggett, Bill Haley, The Cardiacs, The Fuzztones, Daniel Romano and much much more besides, we aren’t genre driven, so expect a wide but pleasing array of musical styles. Mike & Sue

Deejay Dan Sette and his Lo-Fi Radio Show

March 18, 2010 03:15 AM PDT

01 Deejay Dan Sette and his Lo-Fi Radio Show

Deejay Dan Sette selects and plays on his two 1961 ‘Tempo’ Auto Changing record players. Monitoring with his ear trumpet he deftly crossfades from one to the other by moving the Microphone!
Cueing up and ever changing selection of tuff tunes from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and on, Dj Dan Sette sets the pace in an ever changing world, where people have forgotten the wonderful music of the past, either that or they have quite correctly, chosen to ignore it! Fuck your iPods and get digging Dj Dan Sette and his hits of yesteryear!

The stylus is replaced.


1. Blue Mink – Stay With Me / Regal Zonophone RZ 3064 / 1972
2. Stones that are Rolling – Good times Bad Times / Decca F 11934 / 1964
3. Herbie Mann – Hijack / Atlantic K 10580 / 1975
4. James Brown – Woman Pt 1 / Polydor 2066 370 / 1974
5. Adam Faith – What Do You Want / Parlophone E.P. GEP 8811 / Early 60s
6. Duke Ellington I Want To Hold Your Hand / Reprise / REP 30075 / 1966
7. Dave Edmunds – Girl’s Talk / Swan Song / SSk 19418 / 1979
8. Pat Boone – A Wonderful Time Up There / London HLD 8574 / 1950s
9. Black Blood – Rastifieria / Mainstream / MRL 574 / 70s?
10. Rafael Medina Con El Grupo Tucanes Del Zulia – Guajiro / Caribe / 3034-B / 70s?
11. Procul Harum – Homburg / Regal Zonophone RZ 30003 / 1967

* If you think you’ve heard the tapping of computer keys, or the shifting of an office chair while listening to this show, then you probably have.

Thanks for listening, tell your friends about it,…Take care, until next time.

Regards on behalf of Deejay Dan Sette,


HFTVJ Part 6 – Deejay Dan Sette and his Lo-Fi Radio Show

March 03, 2010 04:19 AM PST

HFTVJ Part 6 – Deejay Dan Sette and his Lo-Fi Radio Show
Deejay Dan Sette selects 45rpm records and plays them on his 1961 ‘Tempo’ Auto Changing record player, with it’s floating Garrard deck, knackered stylus,
while one Mono speaker blares out it’s warm valve tones and he announces the tunes inbetween (sometimes when he can be bothered) and records the show on a single condensor Microphone. Pure brilliance.
So many Radio shows just try too hard, Deejay Dan Sette is the antidote to this kind of snobby perfection driven modern digital attitude, he just doesn’t try at all!

This stylus is knackered


1. Animals – Bring It On Home To Me (Columbia DB 7539 / 1965)
2. Jan And Dean – Surf City (Liberty 55580 / 1963)
3. The Microbop Ensemble – Your Turn Now (CBS 4158 / 1969)
4. Sam Cooke – Cool Train (RCA Victor 1361 / 1963)
5. Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People (Direction 3938 / 1968)
6. Migil 5 – Don’t Wanna Go On Shaking (PYE 15645 / 1964)
7. Small Faces – Fly in the Ointment, My Fault, Borstal Boys, Silicon Groan, oo-La-La (Taken from NME Flexidisc giveaway, April 1963)
8. Otis Redding – My Girl (Atlantic 4050 / 1965)
9. Aretha Franklin – Think (Atlantic 584186 / 1968)
10. Jonathan Richmond and the Modern Lovers – Roadrunner Thrice (Beserkly B227 / 1977)
11. Amen Corner – Run, Run, Run (Deram DM197 / 1968)

Thanks for listening, tell your friends about it,… intermittent shows, always with something different to listen to, spreading the turdie… sorry wordy… about what music I’ve fallen through in my short years of musical obsession.

Take care, until next time.

Regards on behalf of Deejay Dan Sette,

DJ Wallypants of HFTVJ
(well that’s what Zachary said)


02 Cunla (The Frieze Britches) ~ Terry Lees

March 02, 2010 04:15 AM PST

The tune is called Cunla or sometimes ‘The Frieze Britches’

Terry describes it thus –

I had always liked Celtic music but growing up in England in the early 60’s I seldom got to hear much, only when my Mother (originally from Ireland) used to sing to us.
This is the first Irish Jig I learned to play and have been modifying it for many years.

I chose a DADGAD tuning as the notes fell ‘correctly’ and allowed me to go over the top with the ornamentation – a feature I love about Irish music.

I’m nominating Mark Mewman at for the next link in the Musical Traces chain.

Best Wishes

Terry Lees


Terry is without a doubt (he’s won competitions that prove it!) one of England’s best and most highly regarded guitarists.

Terry has a website here – , you can find details of what Terry is up to, where and when he’s next appearing and even the models of guitars he plays here.

A note on ‘Cunla – The Frieze Britches’, again as with the previous tune there seems to be very little information available about the song’s origins, though it does seem to be known in a fairly widespread way, check out Google for more references and even tab in order to learn it.

Find out more about what Musical Traces is trying to do here > Musical Traces

You can visit the musical traces podomatic site here –

*The way the project works is that now Terry suggests someone for me to contact with a view to getting their musical work on ‘tape’ and I post that up with background to them and the song, thus moving onwards to new artistes and songs. Collecting like an armchair Alan Lomax.

Terry has suggested contacting someone called Mark Newman, let’s hope he wants to be the next step in the Musical Traces line!

Jack Elliot ~ Pretty Boy Floyd – Topic TRC 98, 78rpm

(Ramblin’) Jack Elliot ~ Pretty Boy Floyd

1st ever UK release.

Jack Elliot here plays his first ever UK released tune. There was an earlier E.P. which was released in Italy of all places with Jack Elliot and Derrol Adams but this is his first ever relased in Britain, even before anything came out under his name in the States where he’s from.

You can listen to an MP3 at a lowly 96kbps of it here –

February 23, 2010 07:16 AM PST

Ramblin Jack Elliot
1st ever release in UK and second worldwide.
78rpm transferred to the digital age!


This was transeferred to my p.c. via a stereo microphone and my new Dansette record player.