Bigmikeydread News – So Long…

Dear all just anote for the WWW, as many seem to be searching to find info on Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio.

I have ceased to produce the show, it’s been a gradual and natural ‘death’ and though at it’s peak the show was being downloaded 30,000 times every month and was one of the most popular Reggae podcasts world-wide, beloved by it’s audience I decided that the day had come, when it had run out of juice..

I’m going to be concentrating on creating my own songs, writing as I’ve done very little of this over the last 6-7 years. I’ve got 6 -7 songs down already.. having fun making music and not just playing and listening to it.



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3 thoughts on “Bigmikeydread News – So Long…”

  1. Sad to see you go. I really enjoyed listening to your show and I learned a lot about Jamaican music. Thanks for all the work you put into it. And good luck with your own music.

  2. Dear Mikey,

    I will miss your shows – there is nobody else quite like you and they have been a joy to anticipate and listen to!

    Good luck with writing and creating your own songs, I wish you all the best for the future



  3. Sad to hear that there will be no more. I have been listening since episode 23 and have really enjoyed all of the “new” old music you have introduced me to. Best of luck with your new adventures. Some times the old does have to give way for the new to happen.

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