Bigmikeydread and House of Reggae Brand New Second Hand Pt2

November 30, 2013 12:00 PM PST

Oh you just love ’em do yah??!! Me and Ian, get together to play nuff good music and talk nuff total wu tang on the mic..
Normal Fare, silly, stupid, dumb, expletive laden shennanigans from the Crown Princes of patois poop..

Tracks include:
Garnett Silk – Silk Chant
Terror Fabulous – Praise HIM
Cocoa Tea – There Is A Voice
Lui Lepki – Can’t Tek Mi Landlord
Ranking Trevor – Mr Landlord
Johnny Clarke – Age Is Growing
The Aggrovators – Version
Big Youth – 6 Dead 19 Gone To Jail
Louie Culture – One Man Army
Peter Ranking & General Lucky – Easies & Squeezies
Captain Sinbad – Radication Dey Bout
Lady Pacha – Jump Around
Brown Sugar – Black Pride
Delroy Wilson – Got To Get Your Love
Tommy McCook – Dance With Me
The Vulcans – Star Trek
Yami Bolo – Jah Is The Solution
D Walks – Fisherman
Welton Irie – Parish Connection
Boss Nigger – JA A Fi Wi Country
Yellowman – Eventide Fire
Cutty Ranks – The Stopper
Cutty Ranks – Retreat
Jackie Mittoo – Happy Organ

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