Bexhill Bogumil and the Lp covers of Dooooom

Hey peeplings, I have been to Battle, Sidley, Bexhill, and Heathfield one day lookin for the covers of Lps bad, and what a day, 3500 seach Lp, only this few result. What is charity world coming to.. enjoy

001 (2)
Who is Pianos, soft Greek Gentlemans? Maybe hiding under Steinway for not to be ugly with Peter and Paul?
002 (2)
Actually alien invasion of most normal human as disguise. Do not look into eyes… arrrggghhhh…
003 (2)
Very rare scratch and sniff cover. Ride of a ride little lady?
010 (2)
Very Fleshy, like cold arms of potato gathering lady Polish november, with bald man also reminding of Potato bases similie.
Hmmmm look like wash needed before photo shoot Slight grubby?
Bic Orange, or Gillette for manos a manos required, Elvis sneer? Slight perhapas.


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