Digitech Studio Quad Vs2 Malfunction, broken, displaying garbage FIX

How to fix your Digitech Studio Quad Vs2

digitech s quad


Has your screen started going mad, displaying every last pixel on the screen? Then it’s likely that your processor won’t boot up and you can’t get any sound out of it. If that’s the case, then this might help.

Years ago I bought one of these, an expense for me at the time, after only about 4 years of use it blew up, stopped working, the problem… gobbledygook, trash, poop, garbage being displayed and no sound, no reverb, no nothing coming out of it. So disappointed with it and the money spent I couldn’t bear to throw it away and thank goodness I didn’t.

I recently met a guy in the street by complete chance, namely Matty Dread of King B Sound System, based in Hastings on the UK. He appeared to be an obvious candidate for a lover of ‘Jamaican Music’ award, and I’m a devotee as you may or may not know. So I said hi and in the ensuing conversation discovered we both either were presently or had in the past made our own music. We also discovered that we had both owned a Studio Quad and had it malfunction in the same way, with trash being displayed on the screen. Matty told me that he had fixed his, a revelation! Matty revealed that they have an onboard button battery required for its boot up process and later internet trawling confirmed this. Though the manual and label on the unit states that is has no user serviceable parts I had nothing to lose… so…

So here’s what to do

Unscrew (being careful to seat the Phillips head screwdriver snugly. as they ae very tight) the four Phillips screws down the right and left sides that secure the lid, then with the correct hex key undo the top front and middle hex headed screw. Carefully lift off the cover and locate the 3v button/coin battery. Don’t throw it away but take it to somewhere that sells them and get one just like it. Then replace it. Carefully as the little clip needs to remain sprung and able to press firmly down to make contact with the battery.

Then you’ll need to reinitialize/reset the unit. It won’t boot up correctly unless you do so. There are some sites online that advise certain key patterns to get this to happen, but having tried their advice I think they may pertain to other models made by Digitech. They didn’t work for me, but I kept pursuing success and randomly pressing down buttons while switching on the unit. Eventually I hit the right combination, and here is what you do.

Hold down buttons 1 and 4 while turning on the unit, then once you have done so, let go of them and then hit the Program button, this should initialize the unit.

Good luck and I hope you have success. I did and was very happy to get my processor back. If you have anything to add please let me know, or if this works for you please also let me know. This help out is respectfully dedicated to Matty B and Dave Brown.

2 thoughts on “Digitech Studio Quad Vs2 Malfunction, broken, displaying garbage FIX”

  1. Worked for me! A $6 battery is going to now make me at least $100. Was about to throw the unit in the garbage! Thank you!

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