Bogumil Obscene Album Covers England

Another truly rubbish grouping of Lp arting.

Hi I am Bogumil, the number one collector in Poland, collecting really shit Lp album cover. I have another groupings of Lp cover for you not to enjoy here, so I hope that you enjoy reading them down finally to describe the article itself .. too. Thank you.

Roger Webb, look like a fly caught in a spider’s Webb can. What ugliness is not very helpful for my eyes.


What self-respecting girl of the liberated 70th agree almost getting boobs in public anyway, and for such poor results in the final!


Well hello mammy until Bogomil go to New York in 1997, I thought all black people really look like! Not surprisingly, white men in the deep south to be afraid!


Worlds Greatest Lover Ugly John, ugly, but yes, a big penis.


Burt King guitarists, Jeff Beck, love Bert Weedon, Burt burn guitar, take acid and have a sexual way with groupies.


Amazing artwork absolutely amazing, just look below for attractive close up reproduction.


Ugly Gentleman
Skin disorder?


Ken Dodd look very unhappy and ugly in this photograph, because he just hear news that his Dad’s Dog is Dead…


Attractive prospect of digging potatoes, Polish girl, but not so much for the English Laydee I thought.


The only way that laydy can get on the cover of the interception is to sing religious songs, and I hope God takes pity on her face, teeth and allows photo on the cover, etc.


Jesus help.


Before this group form they were previously, Los Pastillas Urinarios, rare Peruvian funk band..


Donald, where’s your trousers? Man appears to be absent minding, looking for leg sleeves and belt again?


Mine’s a Straropramen, yours is a guiness..


I walked a million miles on one of your smiles, and then be very scared and run away again ..


Painting Christmas decorative Potato is one of my wife favourite pastimes in dark winter months



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