Bogumil – Album Cover Art Super Bad More and Agains

Bogumil Says:

‘Hello again, so it’s time for another comment on your favorite off the awful cover art critic, Bogumil. How many of you already know that I’m a Polish gentleman who collects LP with works of art truly shite and puts them on here – ‘Traces Musical’ with permission for you all to enjoy.

Again, although this time I was recently on a new trip to England, where he focused on collecting in the south east of the country again and this time they have come up with some doozies! Namely, Will Conrad and West Lps (of which I hope at least one copy of the guideline in if I find a place), and the upper reservoir of the last Lp joyfullness see. Enjoy, as they say in the best Polish restaurant, as you begin to eat boiled carp fish.’

Will Conrad, wondering where it is in this sense, you know? Answers on a postcard please Bogumil, located near the Potato, Poland.
Read sign, tell me please?
Another cover of Lp by Will Conrad and the West, these boys have to be famous, so where are they now? Scraping the dung to a local farmer? Wonderful drawing skills.
Accordion band, or a mental escape people? You decide.
When a man has a florid face and too jovial way, it usually indicates that something is terribly wrong, do not you think? Leaning also, same angle guitar and tree and guy, work of genius!!
Wow, oh to be strong Polish moustacche man on the bus after the ceremony the girls after work drink.
We'll meet again, and I know where, at the Central facelift, contractors budget wrinkle in Warsaw.
Auntie Vera, wartime spirit. Much sexual activity in older ladies, no lie!
In Poland, every night is party night. I'll drink potato vodka all night ... all night!
Mrs. Mills was a good horse, and donkey, the most reliable and musically Showoff. Pissed, always.
Engelbert Humperdinck, really his name? He will soon be representing Great Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest ... Nil points for name and then lips that look like chicken's bum crack.
Have not I always thought Acker Bilk's name sounded like a man vommitting? In this case, you probably saw the cover of Lp!
Looks like they found the secret of fashion victims Garden Blue Peter!
Pobierz swoje dziecko tank top, masz pociągnął!

A final note from Bogumil

Rumors reached me that some of my words are getting confused when I use Google translate, it is unfortunate, but nothing I can do in this situation. I asked Google to improve the translation quality, but sadly to say that currently have no plans to even bother to think about Poland at all ever.

Please accept my apologies, and until next time, ma wspaniałe życie.



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