London’s Burning

Youth and the art of ignorance – The London riots and the riots elsewhere of 2011. A Top 20 soundtrack to their misery…

Yeah I know I know, those that are old enough have been here before, and you’re all bound to notice the Jurnior Murvin track in amongst this little list. I just thought that we could all do with a soundtrack, it’s one way of softening the blow, though I don’t suppose it will be any consolation to the children and parents and good people everywhere being terrorised by the bunch of self indulgent thugs currently on the streets of London and other UK cities. This is a trite idea at best, but given the way that Murvin’s Police and Thieves became the soundtrack to previous unrest in our beautiful capital, an obvious one to author.

Top 20 Tunes to listen to with Police Sirens wailing in the wind?

Culture – Stop The Fussing And Fighting

Junior Murvin – Police And Thieves

Johnny Clarke & U-Brown – Work For Your Money And Don’t Grudge Your Black Brother

Benjamin Zephaniah – Riot In Progress

Sons of Jah – Breaking Down The Barriers

John Holt – Police In Helicopter

King Tubby’s – Big Youth Fights Against Capitalism (??)

Jah Stitch – Cool Down Youthman

Prince Buster All Stars – City Riot

John Wayne – Call The Police

Peter Metro – Police Inna England

Joe Higgs – Wave Of War

Val Bennett – City Demonstration

Niney The Observer – Blood And Fire

Tappa Zukie – Stop The Gun Shooting

Pama Dice – Brixton Fight

Al Brown – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City

Barry Brown – Politician

Congos – Children Crying

Roy Richards – Summer Time


2 thoughts on “London’s Burning”

  1. The news has been hijacked by these events. A week ago the news was of a corrupt media paying bribes to a corrupt police. Speculators and bankers robbing entire nations and politicians fiddling their expenses while cozying up to all the above. It’s no wonder that there’s riots, I just wish the media could find at least one vaguely articulate young person who didn’t just want to pinch stuff. If you’re going to riot, know why your rioting.
    p.s. Burnin’ and Looting. The wailers of course

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