The Ethiopian, Leonard Dillon dies

2011 claims another great Jamaican singer

Leonard Dillon ~has passed away…

Lead member of the Ethiopians and later a soloist as ‘The Ethiopian’ Dillon was at the peak of musical fitness in the Rocksteady and Early Reggae eras. Cutting countless tunes to slaughter all musical opposition for the top Jamaican producers of the time, notably for Coxsonne Dodd, Edward Seaga at WIRL and Sonia Pottinger, tunes like ‘The Whip’ and ‘Train to Skaville’ ‘Engine 54’  and later in his solo capacity as ‘The Ethiopian’ the truly heaven bound ‘When will be the end?’ Keep a close lookout for any Studio One tunes with the name Jack Sparrow attached to them too, for this is also Leonard Dillon in his earliest guise.

The Ethiopians were a popular act in the 69s Reggae boom in the UK and contined to be a firm favourite with Jamaican music fans the world over.

One of the true giants of Jamaican music he died after a long and protracted struggle with cancer.

Only last year the rumour mills turned and I myself had an obituary out on the web before we were all told to our relief that he hadn’t passed away. Graced with another year with his family, he will be sorely missed by all now that he has indeed passed away.

12 thoughts on “The Ethiopian, Leonard Dillon dies”

    1. Yes indeed so it appears, thank you,… just shows you, never jump the gun and double check your sources!!!! – Thanks all, happy that Dillon is with us still, long may he reign.

  1. I’ve heard from Junor Francis in LA that he talked to him personally this night and he is alive and well! I think this is premature. Check!!!

  2. Leonard Dillon… one of the Golden and still Golden Greats of JA music. God Bless you man! Ethiopians 4EVAH!!!

    1. Melvin, so sorry that you have lost your friend and we have all lost (with your help) one of the greatest lead vocalists of any genre of music, let alone Jamaican music over such a long period. And thank you for giving us some great tunes too!

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