Bogumil and his rekordowych zbiorów of shitty records

My Holidays

Hello everyones, I, Bogumil and I was lucky to have met so many great Lps shitty this time on a big spending spree for the purchase of Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex England. Every year, my wife has her mustache and plan your vacation around a visit to the European center of excellence for the record collection and turn this summer sexy city in England, where old people go to die and leave an ugly record. Fucking so unique.
Here they are, to reflect and reach orgasm.

Love Bogumil

Here they is:


Russ, that is no place to tinkle your Ivories.
Bogumil recently re-design his living room to modern high standard. It look just like this now.
Balony, ja po prostu kocham Ballons i co możesz z nimi zrobić.
The barren lady looks on, while the old man gets jiggy with the family dog and girl reads porno magazine. English perverts! Perverted filth, makes me so mad.
What is so majical of Val Doonican. Is it that hides in the white rabbit in a hat?
Hello Sexy Man?!
Yaya Yay - 'Happy Hammond', always happy, better sales than 'Suicidal Steinway', or 'Wanker's Wurlizter'.
More Happy instrumentation, this time More Happy Piano.
Thank for him, he was a blind man, or he could have seen this puking album cover!
Cowboy and Country Western peoples, scultped from Dog Pooings?
Harry, man of Bogumil dreams, nightmares, that grin, that grin, that grin, go away.
Love is like Violin? In your case probably out of tune and catching in your extreme mutton chop businesses in 70s causing screechy nasty.
He is man all out of love and needing.
Who this rare Pussy cat band on Sonet records, new one to Bogumil. Helping me?
Dad, is that you. Suffering from Potato only diet. I recognise?
Just sad.
Please take your wing out my ass bird.
Oooh Betty, Polish Franking Spencer,,, what a gay day, sorry wrong sitting comedy.
What style is Jimmy Noon style is this gurning old man style Jimmy Noon?
It's not unusual
Rudolf the scary hand pervert had a very shiny sztywne jeden.
Afterwards I make sweet organ music for you.
This one ugly Lp cover exactly, but it classic so showing you this lp cover actually. You can see her Brasil nuts if you look close.
Welcome to my couch, yes and I will try to avoid your brain as it looks like it is considerably crazy in this time.

And that my friends as they say in showbiz, is all the fat lady sings today. Thank you for watching another Bogumil, more come soon.




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