New findings on the number of Poland’s one album, Bad cover collector Bogumil!

Hi all, Bogumil here, I have some great works of art to stare at this one and only team in the Portrait Portrait album with a cow’s face ugly woman on the back cover, fancy yum delicious for me.

I hope you like everything that is written here, as I said in the past, if you have a bad cover, let me know. Together we can love them.

Pam Ayers Sexy Symbol in Poland since 1972
Is Glahe is remarkable accordionist, you must listen to believe him.
Nawet akordeonistów się wkurzył się czasami zastanawiam się, gdzie ziemniaków likierem jest w tym przypadku jego!
Frontings of Country Shack
Backings, or are they mental institution prisoners?
Look careful, and you will see 1971 World Cup winner ugly women, is also a singer Country Shack, though Bogumil probably keep it in the cupboard rustic country pine, with a strong lock.

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