Lord Laro – The Rastafarian Love

Early tune mentions Rastafari

On Jamaica's Ken Khouri produced Kalypso label

Found this one recently, not in great condition, but plays okay and is interesting in that it features some nice Rasta style drumming and a strong Rastafarian theme throughout.

Here’s a link to the tune – Listen Here

Laro is a Trinidadian Calypsonian who recorded a number of tunes in Jamaica almost exclusively for the Khouri family at Federal. He is perhaps most well known to collectors for his Jamaican Referendum Calypso of 1961, this appears both on the Jamaican and Uk Kalypso labels. Laro still performs and is more widely associated with Trini Calypso, than Mento flavoured Jamaican Calypso.

~ by bigmikeydread on October 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lord Laro – The Rastafarian Love”

  1. Assuming its the same Lord Laro he also recorded a gerat ska side for Treasure Isle ‘Cant Bawl At All’ often give that a spin when playing out!

  2. also Phil apparently he recorded a tune called Tribute to Count Ossie, which makes me wonder if the Drummers on this track are like to be Ossie and his retinue? seems likely at the time doesn’t it.

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