Bogumil postings Lps again No 4

Hi – Bogumil here again for you people. I have some wonderful LPs and vinyl discs to look great eyes. I’m still delighted with the crap quality of some of the composition can be found. Those found in the rare record store, reposession house clearance in the center of Hayward Heath in East Sussex England. 1970 was the era wonderfullness for bad Lp concerns. A look at the cover Young Jimmy, that man is so damn gray, it looks like he is already dead! I hope you like them, until next time, I love you.

Andy Cole, musician, singer and member of the party briotish nationistic, He is doing a Seig Heil!!!!
Jim Reeves, super facist was nothing compared to the cactus life-long
No wonder to Bogumil that they remained Bachelors, no woman touch a man in shirt like this
Jimmy Young! You take piss out of Bogumil! Jimmy Old more like it.
Los Fertilizoros e Paramedicos
I do not understand when I play it by Emie Mat Lp is everything so fuzzy!
I want Christmas Wreath with Dead Man's head also yay!
Yes and you are paedophile..

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