Introducing Bogumil

I am Bogumil

Bogumil after stroke before recover
Bogumil after stroke before recover

Hi Iam Bogumil, bad album art collector super scary, we hope you enjoy our regular posting super chronic elections pleasure.

I live in Poland, where my family top producers association of Polish potato and carrots.

For a long time in the past and the collection of the world Bad LPS and super turbo wrong cover for pleasure because of my family. So now its No. 56000 in the shed near the barn near Bullock Lipiny near Margonin Poland nice. Best Cinematography. I have the LP cover art of a really terrible, Elvis and many more stars of rock n roll era, and other less known times in the history of popular music.

I’m really happy to be able to show those things for which I am grateful to God.

If you are interested in the trade of rare and sought after LP with a terrible cover, please contact us. Thank you

Here are some artings to get you interestined.

Dziękujemy za oglądanie będę do zobaczenia wkrótce.


Bad shit
Klapa Jelsa Super Nice
Hittings Me Slowly With Your Song

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