Mento Thesis published by Dr. Daniel T. Neely

Long awaited thesis on Mento published

Many years ago I was in conversation via e-mail with Dan Neely, an ethnomusicologist who was engaged in a study of Jamaican Mento. He has helped to compile Lps, written articles for a well known Jamaican Newspaper and other publications, and has for those of us who are interested in mento been a benchmark by which to set our ‘facts’ at ground zero.

So much musical history is just poorly founded rumour unless someone like Dan actually gets out into the field and interviews the participants and through research can establish facts and not rely on the whispers of half forgotten conversations with people who wern’t on the ground at the time.

We spoke of the thesis that he was working on and I sent him my good wishes and waited.

It’s been published and is now available here –

Go Get Thesis Here > Click Me


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