Jamaican Violence and the search for Dudas Coke

As many of you will be aware, Jamaica is going through some very tough times, people are losing their lives.

I was unaware of the situation until it was on the verge of kicking off when a number of my friends started speaking of the tension in Kingston and Jamaica in general as the Government was put under pressure by the USA to extradite an alleged criminal Don of the country Christopher Dudas Coke. He is alleged to have contributed to the coffers of the ruling party and this is supposed to be one of the reasons his extradition has been delayed.

Coke has many friends in a city where he offered the poor of his community something, unlike both the Jamaican Government and the USA. It is to me no wonder that they protect him, unfortunately for all, to the point of death. The Jamaican Defence Force I feel are pawns in the game too, losing their lives to rectify a mis-managed situation and doing their best to maintain sanity in a City at breaking point. My heart goes out to all the Jamaican people, whoever they are, wherever they are. It’s not a time to have your latest podcast at the top of the page, it’s a time to ask the World to pray.

Jamaica has many problems but corruption, criminality, drugs, poverty and the violence that accompanies them and a realtionship with the United States that has been shakey for decades have all added up to this moment where everything has reached a point of crisis.

Please God, stop the killing.

For more information and to see the discussion amongst Jamaicans at home and abroad go to –



2 thoughts on “Jamaican Violence and the search for Dudas Coke”

  1. This is a politicle war,NOT A CRIMINAL one!,if the goverment looked after it,s people ,then there would be no need for dudas.

    1. I agree and if the USA could be more than just a pushy bully then maybe people would be more inclined to help ‘it’ out. I think all I meant when I focused momentarily on the criminal element was to say that without the pressure of poverty, corruption etc there would be less of a breeding ground for criminality in the first place. I certainly didn’t want to add to the stereotype of Jamaica as a violent and criminal place. I blame much of the situation on the way in which Jamaican is treated. I’m not wagging a finger. In all truth as a white westerner, my understnding of the situation will only ever be partial.

      I’m just saddened at the loss of life.

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