Dance A Dub – Incredible Jux

Dance A Dub – Produced by Dennis Brown and Junior Delgado

Incredible Jux - Dub A Dance

Released in 1978 on the ‘Incredible Jux’ label in Jamaica and also in the UK a year before the vocal set from Junior Delgado. This album is constructed of Dub versions of songs on Junior Delgado’s album for DEB records ‘Effort’. It is rare and sought after and on listening you will realise why,…. it is a very fine Dub album indeed. It regularly sells for £100+ and some say only 500 copies of the original Lp were pressed.

The eponymous first track is particularly impressive with a blasting horn line and ‘Instra Dub’ feel. A tune that will have you perking up your ears and freeing up your mind. Two of the tracks on side 2 have such heavy bass lines that it’s suprising the needle isn’t leaping out of the groove to avoid being torn asunder by sonic malevolence from the planet of outer dubwise! Beware your Bass Bins, if they’re poorly constructed you’re going to end up with a pile of chipboard on your floor!

Who Dubbed it though?

But just who did the work on the Lp. Roots Archives credit a number of artists/engineers as having had an input into the Lp, namely – King Tubby, Jammy, Sylvan Morris, Maxie and Soljie. I have to say that on listening there is nothing about the style of Dub that reminds me of King Tubby, there is very little aggressive high pass filter work on it, a characteristic of Tubby’s ‘style’, Sylvan Morris is not particularly renowned for his Dub outings, though he did Dub entire Lps, Maxie also seems less likely the main Dub ‘Engineer’ in that he produced few straight Dub Lps and was Channel One’s desk man where the original Vocal set that became ‘Effort’ was partly recorded. Finally Soljie doesn’t show up credited on any Lp as engineer pre the early 1980s, making it less likely that he was involved I think.

I believe that most of the work shows the signature style of Prince Jammy. He is not associated with the Vocal set and he would at this time most likely have had access to Tubby’s desk. Having returned to Jamaica in 1975 from Canada it would fit that he could be the main ‘Dubber’ of the tracks here on Dance A Dub. His style has always sounded straighter and plainer and importantly cleaner than Tubby’s, with less use of the filtering Tubby is well-known for. He also uses echo in a way that fits the sound of Dance A Dub, he let’s echo feedback less and keeps his signals clean. Whatever the desk was that was used for the mixing of the album it had a slider or fader pot with some dust in as often when the channel is dropped behind the other tracks and effects that are returning you can hear the tell-tale crackle of a fader that need ‘oiling’. Strangely this might make it less likely that it was Tubby’s desk, as he was known to keep his equipment clean and well-maintained!

Great Lp, but the cover is pretty dull!
Incredible Jux Label

Don’t worry if you can’t find a copy for a reasonable price though, the Lp was re-released in 1997 on a label called Big Cat on Lp and on Cd I am told.

Here are some details for the train spotters amongst you, if you think you have found the original pressing of this Lp.


Label =     INCREDIBLE JUX, no catalogue number given on Lp sleeve or label.

The Matrix in the run off groove of side one is – DSR 9690 A  D.T. J.D. P.M. Produced by DENNIS BROWN / JUNIOR DELGADO  and released in 1978, the pressing is obviously Jamaican, though a UK address is also given on the label. Distributed by Cash and Carry records / Kingston Jamaica.



DEB Label – Cat: DEB LP 010  produced by DENNIS BROWN / JUNIOR DELGADO   pressed in France / released UK 1979.

The original Vocal Lp from which the Dubs are sequentially taken is Effort, produced by Junior Delgado and Dennis Brown for Brown’s DEB label.

Recorded at Channel One and Joe Gibbs in Jamaica, the Engineers are given as Errol Thompson, Sylvan Morris and Delgado himself. It is of interest that the Vocal Lp came out in ’79, a year after the Dub Lp, which is unusual.

Rather wonderfully there are some fantastic Players on the Lp and therefore on the Dance A Dub lp too, – They are:~

Sly Dunbar, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace and Santa on Trap Drums /

Robbie Shakespeare, Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt and Leroy Sibbles on Bass /

On Lead Guitar, Chinna, Bo-Pe, Sowell and a player I’ve never heard of before called Little D. /

On Rhythm Guitar, Bo-Pe, Dennis the Crown Prince Brown himself, and Bingie Bunny /

Piano Duties went to Dennis Brown, Bubbler, who may be Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul and Gladdy Anderson.

Organ gets pumped by Winston Wright and Earl ‘Wire’ Lindo /

Percussion is by Scully and Sky High /

Horns are – Dean Fraser, Deadly Headly Bennett, Bobby Ellis, Nambo Robinson, Lloydie and Sico (Sico? A who dat?) /

Strings are credited to Augustus Pablo and Earl Lindo

… but best of all on Backing Vocals there were – The Manning Brothers, Leroy Sibbles, Dennis Brown, Junior Delgado and The Heptones (the rest of them I guess!).

All this reads like a convention of the biggest and best at just about the height of many of their careers….

And now the opportunity to hear both Lps side by side!


There are a few Dub albums that the Dub-heads want and ‘Dub A Dance’ is one of them. It’s created from rhythms laid down and used for Effort the Lp from Junior Delgado, indeed the Lp is produced by Dennis Brown and Jux, the Dub Lp also.

Enjoy this rare chance not only to hear one rare to hear Lp, but another alongside it as Bigmikeydread Reggae Radio plays the vocal versions to the Dub versions, in the order of the original Dub A Dance Lp.

Dub Session…. begin…..

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