Miracles do happen…

The scene…

Battle High street, East Sussex, 9.30am – Location – A Charity Store.

I’m leafing through a box of scratched up old Vinyl records, 45s mainly when I run across a tune I’ve wanted for a long time –

Camel – CA 17 The Scorchers – Hold On Tight / The Royals – 100lbs Of Clay 1969 – produced by Lloyd the Matador Daley

You can hear the tune here – Youtube

I buy 26 more singles on 45, mainly old Rock N’ Roll, some of it good stuff.

At 10p each the lot costs me £2.60, the Scorchers tune on it’s own is worth £30-35. Not that I’m being a bread head or anything, actually it doesn’t matter anyway really; I’ll never sell it and the tune is truly worth £35, more actually, it’s that good.

It’s just that I might have had to pay that for it one day, when and if I ran into a copy anywhere else but a Charity shop!

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