Watch How The People Dancing Unity Sounds From The London Dancehall 1986 – 1989

Below you will find a description of a recent release from Honest Jon’s records, UK Dancehall productions from the Unity label. having purchased this on the recommendation of some Reggae revived mates, I have given it three listens through since yesterday, and it’s a great buy. If like me you are a virtual newcomer to Digital, ie, late 80’s Dancehall then you may find it a little ‘out there’ for your tastes to date, it’s sparse, dry, heavy, minimal,… but you know if you heard it heavy and loud in a Dance just how good it would be. play it loud in your car, or convince the wife to go out for the evening you get it in the post!

The versions are probably surplus to requirements and it would have been better to just have more A-side originals to hear, as it’s unlikely I’ll be toasting over the rhythms, nevertheless it’s still worth the spondoolicks! honest Jon’s records really are an admirable outfit. Check them out!

The sleeve notes are great and I for one never knew of the connection with Unity and the late 80s early 90s phenomenon, the Ragga Twins. A duo that impressed me in my record store managing days in the early 90s.

They had some great Deejays and Sound men running with them, including the wonderfully entitled, ‘Speccy Navigator’.


Brilliant, haughty Jamaican avant-gardism, inspired by Jammy’s Sleng Teng explosion, rearing up at a Hackney crossroads opposite techno, hiphop, breakbeat and rave.

Presented as a next-generation companion to London Is The Place For Me: the mood is more defiant — a Jamaican secession from London — with themes of inner-city sufferation running alongside hymns to the dancehall and the herb superb.

With a forty-page booklet including a long interview with soundsystem- and label-boss Ribs, and many photographs. Brilliantly mastered by Moritz from Basic Channel.

‘There’s a whole heap of stuff that we did at that time, different even to the music, that we didn’t really know what we were doing, we just done it. This feeling on the records, we did that with everything we did, it was just the vibes that we were carrying then, it was all about one massive vibes. Even with the sound, we weren’t going to choose something that somebody else did, we definitely was going to choose something that somebody else didn’t use. We wanted to go out there and say, Yeah, this is the wickedest thing, everyone has to know, and nobody else can’t tell we no different. We pushed it that way, we carried on that way.’


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