Top 20 Johnny Clarke Selection

For years I’ve collected tunes by Reggae singer Johnny Clarke,

here is my personal top 20, in no particular order, tunes that are, I think, enjoyable listening or interesting from the ‘collector’s’ perspective in some way.

Be Upright Natty Dread – Impact – bl rrs 3219 rrs – Bunny Lee
Johnny Clarke & Dillinger- Commercial Locks- Justice-N/A-FBL 7313 A-Bunny Lee
Bring It On Home To Me-Caribbean-cbn 301 – a – 1u-Bunny Lee
Dread A Dread-Jackpot-DSR 5673a-Bunny Lee
Waiting In Vain-Afrik- AF 112-DSR 4031 A-Prince Jammy
Rude Boy-Art & Craft-ART00512″-ART 005 A-Stafford Douglas
Strictly Ragga Muffin-Firehouse-fh 018-a-King Tubby
Rebel Soldering-white ‘blank’ label-fbl 74 ?-Bunny Lee
Poor Mans Cry-Clocktower Records-ct disco 2000 b-Brad Osbourne
I’m Alone-Tree Roots-ts 1001a-Augustus Clarke?
Jump Back Baby-Cactus-ctep32a-Glen Brown
Lemon Tree-Pyramid-pyr 7013b-Bunny Lee
Simmer Down (no more Gun)-Attack-DSR A Side 10705
Too Much War-Attack- bl 7667 a -Bunny Lee
Young Rebel-Fashion / Dub Organiser-DOT 102 A-Fashion
African Roots-Jackpot-cs 9 a-Bunny Lee
Tt’s True-Barbell-rs4571-4640 rrs-Robert Sharkespeare (robbie shakespeare)
Enter Into His Gate With Praise-Lord Koos-koos 42 a-Bunny Lee
Don’t Go-Pep-PEP 001A-Rupie Edwards
Everyday Wondering-Atra Records-atra 019a-Rupie Edwards



~ by bigmikeydread on March 10, 2010.

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