Tommy Zooooom!

I want one of these now!

See bottom of review for update!!


I’ll not bother to repeat information here, but you should really take a look at this.

No moving parts, no mechanicals, a 24bit 96khz PCM recorder with multiple file format and compression choices, an inbuilt guitar tuner, two second pre-roll on any recording made so you don’t miss a thing, up to 360 degree recording through 4 microphones with pattern choice for the mics. Even at the 360 degree setting on the four Mics it will record at 48kHz/24-bit resolution. Good enough to convert to 5.1 surround sound and over normal cd quality recordings!

I guess then that the final reckoning is going to end up being dependant on the 4 Microphones and the quality of their construction, and though the H2 was meant to be the poorer relation of the H4 it appears that they’ve used the same mics in both. The word is that it’s exceptional value for money.

This thing is a close to a portable recording device miracle as you can get!

F**k I want one now!

Here’s the first independent review to be blogged on it at Ron’s Tech Blog. Seems like for the money, you can’t fault the little bugger. Can it turn water into wine?


I just got one of these and it’s everything it says on the tin, simple as, get one if you want some incredible results for the money!!

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