HFTVJ Part 6 – Deejay Dan Sette and his Lo-Fi Radio Show

March 03, 2010 04:19 AM PST

HFTVJ Part 6 – Deejay Dan Sette and his Lo-Fi Radio Show
Deejay Dan Sette selects 45rpm records and plays them on his 1961 ‘Tempo’ Auto Changing record player, with it’s floating Garrard deck, knackered stylus,
while one Mono speaker blares out it’s warm valve tones and he announces the tunes inbetween (sometimes when he can be bothered) and records the show on a single condensor Microphone. Pure brilliance.
So many Radio shows just try too hard, Deejay Dan Sette is the antidote to this kind of snobby perfection driven modern digital attitude, he just doesn’t try at all!

This stylus is knackered


1. Animals – Bring It On Home To Me (Columbia DB 7539 / 1965)
2. Jan And Dean – Surf City (Liberty 55580 / 1963)
3. The Microbop Ensemble – Your Turn Now (CBS 4158 / 1969)
4. Sam Cooke – Cool Train (RCA Victor 1361 / 1963)
5. Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People (Direction 3938 / 1968)
6. Migil 5 – Don’t Wanna Go On Shaking (PYE 15645 / 1964)
7. Small Faces – Fly in the Ointment, My Fault, Borstal Boys, Silicon Groan, oo-La-La (Taken from NME Flexidisc giveaway, April 1963)
8. Otis Redding – My Girl (Atlantic 4050 / 1965)
9. Aretha Franklin – Think (Atlantic 584186 / 1968)
10. Jonathan Richmond and the Modern Lovers – Roadrunner Thrice (Beserkly B227 / 1977)
11. Amen Corner – Run, Run, Run (Deram DM197 / 1968)

Thanks for listening, tell your friends about it,… intermittent shows, always with something different to listen to, spreading the turdie… sorry wordy… about what music I’ve fallen through in my short years of musical obsession.

Take care, until next time.

Regards on behalf of Deejay Dan Sette,

DJ Wallypants of HFTVJ
(well that’s what Zachary said)


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