Jack Elliot ~ Pretty Boy Floyd – Topic TRC 98, 78rpm

(Ramblin’) Jack Elliot ~ Pretty Boy Floyd

1st ever UK release.

Jack Elliot here plays his first ever UK released tune. There was an earlier E.P. which was released in Italy of all places with Jack Elliot and Derrol Adams but this is his first ever relased in Britain, even before anything came out under his name in the States where he’s from.

You can listen to an MP3 at a lowly 96kbps of it here –

February 23, 2010 07:16 AM PST

Ramblin Jack Elliot
1st ever release in UK and second worldwide.
78rpm transferred to the digital age!


This was transeferred to my p.c. via a stereo microphone and my new Dansette record player.

One thought on “Jack Elliot ~ Pretty Boy Floyd – Topic TRC 98, 78rpm”

  1. Just an attempt at a correction. This was the first of 3 78rpm discs recorded for Topic. It isn’t the first run though, because the original had the standard red and white label with the WMA symbol on the label. The only record that Jack Elliott appeared on before this record was the Jac Holzman of Elektra’s compilation. (note spelling of Elliott) There was an EP which had 6 tracks called “Woody Guthrie’s Blues” issued in about 1955 but not before this 78rpm disc. The EP was also issued by Topic and was recorded round about the same time, if not actually at the same recording session. It was on the 8″ format – very unusual size! There were some later exclusive Elliott recordings with Derroll Adams (note spelling of Derroll) issued in Italy but I’m pretty sure that the first record issued wasn’t in Italy. Unless I’m wrong of course?

    ps please note spelling of Ewan MacColl too. 🙂

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