DJ Sounds From Uptown ~ Review

The Dancehall Sound Of Midnight Rock

Midnight Rocking

Just a short review of the latest release out of Roots records, a label which obviously has a good relationship with Nkumrah ‘Jah’ Thomas of the Midnight Rock record label, as much of their output has been licenced via him so far. They were sending me promotional cds a while back, and I have enjoyed all of their output to date, particularly the Anthony Johnson Cd and the U-Brown Cd, however I had to go and shell out for this one, which gives you an idea of how much I needed it… well it had two Early B tunes on which I didn’t yet have for starters, so I just had to get it, if only for those!

Even though there are tunes on here you will most likely have heard before, tunes like the Discomix of, ‘Entertainment’ – Triston Palmer, and ‘Bring the Sensie’ – Johnny Osbourne for example, you should find one or two you’ve not heard yet and all the songs are strong heavy classic Dancehall music. This is more early to Mid 80s Dancehall, so if that’s the sound you like (and it’s the era of Dancehall I prefer) then this Cd might be perfect for you.

The great thing I think about the Dancehall era was that the music contained the same urgent forward marching energy as Ska had. Roots music had to a large extent got a bit tired and repetitive over the years preceeding the Dancehall explosion and you can feel the energy pour out your speakers when listening to this Cd, that and the tension and stress that went with Jamaican Ghetto living in the 1980s when few more places were as dangerous as the streets of Kingston.

I’ve got it on in the car right now and it’s great for driving along to, it’s a great release and gets my vote!

Here are the tunes –

Phillip Frazer –  Morning Mr. Officer
Michael Palmer – Robbery
Ranking Toyan – Praise Him
Jah Thomas – Midnight Blue(s)
Early B – Pedestrain
Phillip Frazer – Them A Gun Man
Singie Singie – Respect The Elder
Barry Brown and the Roots Radics – Girlfirend
Al Campbell – Dancehall Style
Anthony Johnson – Loving A Woman
Triston Palmer – Entertainment
Bobby Melody – Ram The Session
Michael Palmer – Ghetto Dance
Early B – Read Up Your Bible
Jah Thomas and Ranking Toyan – Black A Feh Me Beauty
Johnny Osbourne – Bring The Sensie


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