01 Kick Up Dee Debbel On A Holiday ~ Barry Murphy & Dan Stewart

Starting Point – Barry Murphy and Dan Stewart ~ ‘Kick Up Dee Debbel On A Holiday’

The first tune, the starting place in the Musical Traces line is ‘Kick Up Dee Debbel On a Holiday’. Here performed by my Dad – Barry Murphy and his friend Dan Stewart, who played the 12 string guitar and recorded/mixed this tune.

Unfortunately you will only hear it currently at 96kps as an MP3 in stereo, however the original recording is beautifully made and mixed by Dan, all respect to him for his musical and production talent.

Dad plays the Minstrel Banjo, one he made himself and Dan the 12 String guitar, another instrument Barry Murphy made.

Find out more about what Musical Traces is trying to do here > Musical Traces

Kick Up De Debble On A Holiday

The story is that no one knows who wrote/created this tune, what it’s about or where it originally came from. It was however originally published in 1855 and credited to Tom Briggs – Banjo Instructor, and has been played as a standard by many since, including Bob Flescher.

Here is the song for download – http://musical-traces.podomatic.com/enclosure/2010-02-09T07_41_48-08_00.mp3

You can visit the musical traces podomatic site here – http://musical-traces.podomatic.com/

The way the project works is that either Dan or Barry suggest someone for me to contact with a view to getting their musical work on ‘tape’ and I post that up with background to them and the song, thus moving onwards to new artistes and songs. Collecting like an armchair Alan Lomax.

They have suggested a guitar player called Terry Lees, and have passed his contact on to me, I have sent an e-mail to Terry and await his reply!

3 thoughts on “01 Kick Up Dee Debbel On A Holiday ~ Barry Murphy & Dan Stewart”

  1. Hi. I am trying to contact Barry Murphy. I was a pattern making apprentice with him in 1950s in London and we lost contact a very long time ago. Any info or e-contact would be great.

    Regards Pete Brown.

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