Dancehall 2 from Soul Jazz

Latest from Soul Jazz Records

This ain’t no Dibby Dibby Sound… Just out from Soul Jazz, Vol 2 of their Dancehall series, the first one which accompanied Beth Lesser’s excellent (mainly picture) book ‘Dancehall’. I got the book about a year ago and a good read it was, with some great photography, which is more Beth’s forte.

This latest 4 Lp set (confusingly Vol 2 is split into Vol1 and Vol2, yeah you work it out…) is compiled and annotated by Steve Barrow. I was actually sat ’round his gaff while he was working on it and he played me a tune that features on this set and is worth getting all 4 Lps for. ‘History of Jamaica’ by Early B, Steve and I danced around his living room to this… and you will too I’m sure. So this one comes with a recommendation, if you like your Dancehall era music then it’s a must. A lot of the tunes are well enough known and readily available, and a tune like ‘Barnabas Collins’, in my opinion is well known enough to have left off the Lps, it’s not what what I think of as Dancehall either really, coming at the start of that era, it still has a more Deejay on a Roots tune fell about it, but… there are plenty tunes on here that you’ll love and maybe won’t have heard before and for that it gets my thumb pointing upwards.

I picked up my copy from Dub Vendor, but you can pick it up direct from Soul Jazz (It’s cheaper direct for starters) – Just so you’ve got Dub Vendor’s link too though –


1. Lone Ranger — Barnabas Collins Play
2. Nicodemus — Dog Is Better Than Gun Play
3. Johnny Osbourne and Papa Tullo — Rock And Come On Ya Play
4. Ini Kamoze — Trouble You A Trouble Me Play
5. Half Pint — One Big Ghetto Play
6. Yellowman — Sensemilla Play
7. Shabba Ranks — Respect Play
8. Trinity — Vampire Play
9. Barry Brown — Two House Department Play
10. Madoo — Have You Ever Been To Heaven Play
11. Early B — History Of Jamaica Play
12. Papa San — Money A Fe Circle Play
13. Tiger — When Play
14. Welton Irie — Bill Fold Wa You Fa Play
15. General Trees — Everything So So So So Play
16. Johnny Osbourne — Trench Town School Play
17. Edi Fitzroy — The Gun Play
18. Anthony Johnson — Strictly Rub A Dub Play
19. Jah Thomas & Radics — Saying Dub Play
20. Professor Nuts — Ina De Bus Play
21. Errol Scorcher — Roach In De Corner Play
22. Triston Palma — Collie Man Play
23. Barry Brown — Tourist Season Play
24. Buju Banton — Massa God World A Run Play

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