Lynn Taitt – R.I.P.

Yet another hero of Jamaican music goes in early 2010, first Yabby U and now the Rocksteady Daddy – Lynn Taitt

Here is a link to his Wikipedia write up –

Lynn Taitt defined the rocksteady era with his work on guitar and his work arranging music. You will recognise his style as the muted and therefore dulled plucked notes that often follow the bassline an octave or even two higher. With his house band the Jets he recorded an Lp everyone should have in their collection – Lynn Taitt and the Jets, Rocksteady – Greatest Hits.

Alternatively if you’ve not yet checked Lynn Taitt out and want to a farily recent Trojan double cd called Lynn Taitt & The Jets – Hold Me Tight- Anthology [1965-1973 ] is well worth checking out.

My particular favourite song is an instrumental verion of Only A Smile he did for Leslie Kong at Beverly’s, it’s on the B-Side of The Pioneer’s ‘Easy Come Easy Go’, another good reason to hunt out this 7″ single.

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