Blind Blake Alphonso Higgs ~ A Graphic Biography

Below you will see the pages of a graphic novel I invented to tell the story of the long forgotten Bahamian musician Blind Blake Higgs… this was originally intended to be viewed at jamaicanjunkyard a website I still hope to finish.. in the meantime, you may enjoy this. – Mike


~ by bigmikeydread on January 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Blind Blake Alphonso Higgs ~ A Graphic Biography”

  1. where is this christian justilien article that’s mentioned?

    • Hi Jonah, I apologise for not including a link! I feel bad now, credit where credit is due. A quick seach shows him to be a lecturer in Nassau and a player of instruments too! Google have a number of links to him that relate, but not this actual article. I can’t recall where I read it, though it was online.
      Sorry to you both – mike

  2. […] Calypso and Caribbean music, with a Bahamian version made popular by Blind Blake (Blake Alphonso Higgs, not to be confused with Arthur “Blind” Blake) on a release in 1952.  The island […]

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